CS-FAS120 Flat Aluminum Stainless Steel Channel Letter Bending Machine

Channel Letter Bending Machine


  • CS-FA100
  • Mini Aluminum letter bending machine 
  • CS-A150
  • Flat aluminum edge folded aluminum letter  bending machine
  • CS-FAS120 
    Flat Aluminum Stainless Steel Letter Bending Machne
  • CS-AS150
  • Multi-functional Aluminum stainless steel  letter bending machine
  • CS-FAS200
  • Flat Aluminum Stainless steel letter bending machine


Main Feature:

  • 1.The grooving depth can be precisely controlled, and it is controlled by Number axis , so the precise depth of all kinds of materials can be achieved.
  • 2.Intelligent control of software and intelligent interference check can avoid interference collision in bending process.
  • 3.Unique two-axis bending mode avoids interference in the bending process to the greatest extent, and greatly improves the bending strength.
  • 4.It can read all kinds of vector files in PLT, AI and DXF formats, and match perfectly with engraving machine files.
  • 5.The feeding height is adjusted by rotary hand-wheel, which is easy to operate.
  • 6.Intelligent adjustment of slotting depth is realized by using imported square guide and high precision lead screw.
  • 7.Special specifications and requirements can be customized.

Machine Configurations:

1.Imported Plane Cutter

The stainless steel slotting used the imported plane cutter from Japan. It has low cutting sound, wear-resistant blade, large angle of folding, not easy to break and easy to change.

2.Depth adjusting system

The unique depth adjusting system can automatically adjust the groove depth by modifying the software parameters, and can control the front and back adjustments separately. The motion part adopts screw rod, square rail and slider, which has high precision and good stability..

3.High quality encoder

The high quality encoder used in this machine has high reliability, long life and strong anti-interference performance. With the high-speed precision motor, its high-precision performance makes the feeding control more accurate.

4.Control system

The control card and software is original leetro control system,easy to study and operate,ensure the machine calculating size with zero error.The control card running stable ,with strong anti-interference ability.

5.Bending tool

The bending part adopts the working mode of two-axis linkage bending, which is equipped with servo motor and speed reducer. It has fast speed, high precision, no damage to the material surface and small bending interference.

6.Feeding system

The feeding part is clamped by rubber rollers and driven by gear belt. Fast speed can realize the continuous feeding . It is suitable for stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate and other materials.

Machine Parameters:

Model Features
Stainless Steel
        Flat Aluminum                           
FunctionAuto feeding,notching and bending 
Applicable material Flat aluminum,stainless steel
Material thickness0.3-1.2mm
Material width20-120mm
Min Bending diameter≧10mm
Driving motor2Pcs Servo motor,2Pcs Stepper motor
Air compressor0.6Mpa
File formatAI,DXF,PLT
Machine size1380*680*1380mm
Package size1650*850*1600mm

Video Tutorials & Instructional Video:

Sample Display:


Trimless channel letter, Liquid acrylic channel letter, Aluminum epoxy channel letter, Stainless steel channel letter, Punching channel lette

CS-FAS120 Flat Aluminum Steel Channel Letter Bending Machin

How To Play Order

  • 1. Will you please tell us the below information?  What material will you bend? and height of letter?
  • 2. We will recommend you suitable machine and offer you our best price. 
  • 3. If all is ok, please tell us your consignee information (company name, address, contact, phone number ), we will make Proforma Invoice for you to play order. 
  • 4. We will arrange machine production after you remit the payment. 
  • 5. We will share with you machine photos and videos after machine ready. 
  • 6. After you confirming, then we will arrange machine shipment. 
  • 7. You can operate machine according to user video and manual. 
  • 8. If any questions about laser cleaning operating, then we can guide you online.



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