How to Mark Pen by Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Fiber Laser Marking Machine can be used for marking pen. We have two kinds of method to mark pen.

1) Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Professional Conveyor Belt for pen

Main Parts: a. desktop fiber laser marking machine b. Conveyor belt for pen + PLC program c. photoelectronic switch

Working Method: After photoelectronic switch test the pen, conveyor belt will stop, then fiber laser marking machine will mark on the pen, after marking, then conveyor belt will move. Operator can put pens on the conveyor belt during working.

Machine photo:

 2) Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Flat Rotate Table For Pen

Main Parts: a. Fiber Laser Marking Machine b. Flat rotate table + clamp for pen

Working Method: Put 24 pcs pens on the flat rotate table, Set Rotary Mark 2, 360 degree, 24 pcs on the Ez cad software. Operator have to put 24 pcs pens after finishing marking.

Machine Photo and Parameter Setting:

Video for Fiber Laser Marking Machine with conveyor belt for pen:

Video for Fiber Laser Marking Machine with flat rotate table:

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