CS-FA100 CNC Mini Flat Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine

Channel Letter Bending Machine


  • CS-FA100
  • Mini Aluminum letter bending machine 
  • CS-A150
  • Flat Aluminum Edge Folded Aluminum letter bending machine
  • CS-FAS120 
    Flat Aluminum Stainless Steel Letter Bending machine 
  • CS-AS150
  • Multi-functional letter Aluminum Steel letter bending machine
  • CS-FAS200
  • Flat Aluminum Stainless steel letter bending machine


Main Feature:

  • Fully automatic feeding, automatic slotting and automatic bending according to the characteristics of the font.

  • The feeding adopts feeding feedback of closed-loop encoder, which effectively avoids size inaccuracies caused by material sliding.

  • Material grooving adopts a planer imported from Japan, which has low cutting sound, wear-resistant, not easy to break, and easy to replace.

  • The slotting method adopts high-precision guide rail and pneumatic system, ultra-hard white steel blade slotting method, low cost and good effect.

  • The bending system adopts a high-precision servo system, which effectively increases the speed of the arc.

  • Humanized operating software, fixed grooving depth, durable tool, and constant depth.

  • Special specifications can be customized.

Machine Configurations:

CS-FA100 CNC Mini Flat Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine

Feeding Tray. Material can move smoothly,suitable for different width aluminum coils.

Rubber roller feeding, gear belt drive.

High-quality encoder, high reliability, long life, strong anti-interference performance. Used in conjunction with high-speed precision motors, its high-precision performance makes the feeding control more precise.

Imported Planer. low cutting sound, wear-resistant, not easy to break, and easy to replace.

Bending Bar.
Bending Bar.

The control card and software are genuine Leetro control system. The software operation is simple and easy to learn, ensuring zero error when the machine calculates the size. The control board runs stably and has strong anti-interference ability.

Machine Parameters:

Model Features
CS-FA100(Mini Model,Only For Falt  Aluminum materials.)                    FunctionAuto feeding,notching and bending 
Applicable material Flat aluminum 
Material thickness0.2-0.8mm
Material width20-100mm
Slot degree 45-135 Degree
Min Bending Diameter≧4mm
Air compressor0.6Mpa
File formatAI,DXF,PLT
Machine size1400mm(L)*400mm(W)*700mm(H)

Sample Display:


Trimless channel letter, Liquid acrylic channel letter, Aluminum epoxy channel letter, Stainless steel channel letter, Punching channel lette

Video Tutorials & Instructional Video:

How To Play Order

  • 1. Will you please tell us the below information?  What material will you bend? and height of letter?
  • 2. We will recommend you suitable machine and offer you our best price. 
  • 3. If all is ok, please tell us your consignee information (company name, address, contact, phone number ), we will make Proforma Invoice for you to play order. 
  • 4. We will arrange machine production after you remit the payment. 
  • 5. We will share with you machine photos and videos after machine ready. 
  • 6. After you confirming, then we will arrange machine shipment. 
  • 7. You can operate machine according to user video and manual. 
  • 8. If any questions about laser cleaning operating, then we can guide you online.



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