How to choose suitable laser welding machine?

Jewelry Spot YAG Laser Welding Machine 200w

200w laser welder are basically looking for a more standard jewelry laser welder on the market.

It is divided into three types: tabletop jewelry laser welders, all-in-one jewelry welders and separated jewelry welders. Among them, the separated type has the highest power.

The most suitable for jewelry welders, the best selling jewelry welding machine, the new high-definition CCD monitoring, gold and silver jewelry welding preferred, 200w desktop jewelry laser welding machine, 100J of energy power, the whole body net weight of 90 kg, is by far the best selling one in the world.

One-piece jewelry welding machine and separate jewelry welding machine is also 200w, 100J of capacity power. The weight is 110 kg more than the desktop jewelry soldering machine. The total power consumption is also 1 times that of a benchtop. It is more suitable for people who are engaged in welding tasks for a long time.

Mold Repair YAG Laser Welding Machine 300w,400w,500w

We usually use laser welding machine for mold, corresponding to 200w,300w,400w,500w, because compared to jewelry welding machine, 200w is enough for daily use. However, in the case of mold welding 500w is still not enough for some customers. We generally recommend the use of higher power automatic welding machine.

There are generally 2 types of molds, one is the Cantilever Mould Repair Laser Machine (expected to be about 450kg) and one is the conventional mold welding machine(expected to be about 300kg).

You can choose different mold welding machines according to your usage scenario, but of course the higher the power, the higher the price you have to pay.

Channel Letter Laser Welding Machine 300W 500W

300W 500W Metal Letter Laser Welding Machine is used for the welding of LED illuminated billboard, exterior/interior signs, branding, door plate that made of aluminum, S/S, iron, galvanized sheet, titanium, brass, copper, and etc. Laser beam with high energy melts two metal sheets and combine them together without feeding any soldering materials. From any aspect, laser welding is the best solution and the greenest.

Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine 1kw 1.5kw 2kw 3kw

handheld fiber Laser welding machine is mainly for the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts. The welding process is of thermal conductivity type, that is, the surface of the workpiece is heated by laser radiation, and the surface heat Diffusing into the interior through heat conduction, and by controlling parameters such as the width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency of the laser pulse, the workpiece is melted to form a specific molten pool. It can realize spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding, etc., with high aspect ratio, small weld width, small heat-affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, smooth and beautiful weld, no need to handle or just need to be processed after welding Simple processing, high weld quality, no air holes, precise control, small focus spot, high positioning accuracy.

Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine 1kw 1.5kw 2kw 

Automatic fiber laser welding machine is suitable for welding of various metal workpieces and is widely used for metal connectors, cell phone parts (middle plate, nuts), power batteries, hardware, kitchen and bathroom appliances, welded structural parts of auto parts, medical devices, precision parts, etc. It is mainly used for automatic welding of various metal plates such ascopper, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and low carbon steel. For some samples with extremely high requirements of precision as well as welded joints, we generally recommend the use of automatic laser welding machine.

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