Automatic Continuous Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Automatic Fiber Laser Welding Machine


  • 1000W/1500W /2000W raycus fiber laser source
  • 300X300X300mm working area
  • computer
  • industrial water chiller
  • CCD camera and display  Delta servo motor
  • Swing welding head

Main Feature:

  1. Accurately and precision welding machine, can welding small and complex font and LOGO, fast speed, no color difference after welding, no trace, no need to handle, beautiful appearance.

  2. No raised welding spot on welding surface. Do not need polishing grinding process, save work time. Appearance is beautiful.

  3. Laser welding Processing without noise, non-pollution

  4. Specific to advertising industry, special long light path, 360 degrees of arbitrary rotation, larger scale range.

  5. Welding machine Optional with a CCD monitor, the welding effect is more clear and intuitive.

Machine Configurations:

welding head
Fiber Laser source
Industrial Water chiller
CCD Camera

Machine Parameters:

1. Power Supply

Input power

220v±5%, 50Hz

Power rating


Power Instability


2.Laser Source

Laser Wavelength


Laser Material


Maximum Output Power


 Beam-divergence Angle


Laser Energy Instability


Continuous Working


Aiming and Positioning

Red Light Pointer in Welding Head

3.Cooling System  

Temp Range

10-35 ℃

Temperature Stability


Water Flow


Fault Protection

 Equipped with laser power supply chain protection and over-temperature protection

Water Purity


4. Optical System

Focus Length


 Spot Diameter


Focus Range


Video Tutorials & Instructional Video:

Sample Display:

Machine Application:

Continuous fiber laser welding machine is suitable for various kind of metal workpiece welding, it is versatile and suitable for the welding of metal connectors, mobile phone accessories (medium plate, nut), power battery, hardware, kitchen and bathroom electrical equipment, automotive parts structural parts, medical equipment, precision parts etc. It is mainly used for continuous welding of various metal sheets like copper,aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, low carbon steel, etc

How to Play Order:

  1. Will you please inform us the below information?
  • What material will you weld? Stainless steel, iron, carbon steel, aluminum, galanized sheet?
  • What is welding thickness for each kind of metal?
  1. We would like to recommend you suitable laser welding power 1kw 1.5kw 2kw accordingly and offer you our best price.
  2. Will you ship machine by sea, by air? So, please tell us your nearest sea por, air port. We would like to check freight fee for you.
  3. After you confirm machine model, power, price, freight fee, then please inform us your consignee information ( company name, address, contact, phone number ) we will make Proforma Invoice for you to play order.
  4. You can remit the payment according to Proforma Invoice.
  5. Machine will be ready 10-12 working days after your payment.
  6. We will share with you machine photos and videos since machine is ready.
  7. After confiming all is fine, we will book shipment.
  8. We will share with you bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list after shipment.
  9. You can operate laser welding machine according to user video and user manual.
  10. If any questions about using, we would like to guide you online.


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