What’s the 3D dynamic focusing uv laser laser marking machine application on glass cup

A 3D dynamic focusing UV laser marking machine can be used to create high-quality, permanent markings on glass cups. Some of the applications of this technology include:

Customization: UV laser marking machines can be used to personalize glass cups with logos, designs, or text. This is particularly useful for businesses that want to create branded merchandise or gift items.

Quality control: Glass cups that are marked with a UV laser are more durable and resistant to wear and tear. This makes them ideal for use in settings where quality control is important, such as in the food and beverage industry.

Anti-counterfeiting: UV laser markings on glass cups can be used to prevent counterfeiting and ensure the authenticity of the product.

Traceability: Laser markings can be used to create unique identifiers for each glass cup, making it possible to track the product throughout the supply chain.

Overall, the 3D dynamic focusing UV laser marking machine can provide a range of benefits for glass cup manufacturers, including improved quality, greater customization options, and enhanced traceability.

3D UV laser marking machine is different from traditional laser marking machine, Three – axis dynamic technology and 3D software control system are adopted, The focal length can be freely changed by three-axis lens offset,Ensure that all the focused spot is in the plane of the object to be marked. The problem of engraving on glass surface by traditional laser marking machine is solved, make twisted the font become the past. It can mark not only on curved surfaces, but also on stepped surfaces, slopes, cylinders, cones and other shaped objects. Even very complex patterns can be marked quickly and accurately, with higher efficiency.

The pattern made by the glass 3D UV laser marking machine is clear, delicate and textured, without any residual substances, nor does it damage the glass or affect the nature of the glass, but makes the glass more refined and elegant. Although the glass is not as dazzling as jewelry, the exquisite pattern marked by 3D UV laser marking machine endows the glass with more expressive force and makes it more valuable for appreciation and collection.

More and more people engrave their personalized text, logo, monogram, and other custom design options on glass cup. These make ideal gifts for events such as coeporate gatherings, military galas, weddings, graduations, holidays, or family gatherings. Our JNCSLASER offer 3D dynamic focusing uv laser marking machine to mark wine glass cups. 

Parameter Setting:

By UV Laser Marking Machine MM3D Dynamic focusing :

  • Speed: 400mm/s
  • Frequency: 40Khz
  •  Q pulse width: 5
  • Hatching : 0.03

Glass Cup 3D Marking Video:

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