Stainless Steel Cup Marking by 3D 10W UV Laser Marking Machine


3D laser marking technology can achieve laser marking on curved workpieces more accurately, without focusing during processing, and can handle even complex curved surfaces freely. Through self-developed three-dimensional dynamic laser marking control hardware and software, equipped with a dedicated three-dimensional galvanometer, the laser beam can be controlled to mark any three-dimensional curved surface to realize customized processing of various curved surface materials.

Jncslaser 3D laser marking machine enhances the technical application range of laser marking processing and expands the demand for surface marking. Jncslaser has developed its own 3D laser marking machine which can perform precise and efficient marking on various complex curved workpieces. Three-dimensional work pieces such as lamps, molds, 3C electronic products, etc.

JNCS 3D laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion rate, long service life, easy maintenance and fast marking speed, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

Its advantages include: high-precision three-dimensional positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, laser beam fundamental mode, short pulse, high peak power, and high repetition rate, which bring ideal marking effects to customers. Three-dimensional graphics processing technology, friendly operation interface, suitable for dxf, plt, cnc, step, iges and other format files.

The emergence of 3D curved surface laser marking machine makes curved surface marking no longer a problem, and has brought revolutionary changes to the laser marking machine market. It is now widely used in molds, 3C electronics, auto parts, three-dimensional circuits, electronic communications, and medical care. Equipment, communication equipment, electrical appliances, hardware and other industries.

10W 3D UV Laser Marking Machine Processing Parameter: 

  • Speed: 600mm/s
  • Frequency: 30Khz
  •  Q pulse width: 1
  • Hatching : 0.04
Stainless Steel Cup Marking by 3D 10W UV Laser Marking Machine

Parameter Setting:

By UV Laser Marking Machine MM3D Dynamic focusing system software

Stainless Steel Cup Marking by 3D 10W UV Laser Marking Machine
Stainless Steel Cup Marking by 3D 10W UV Laser Marking Machine

Metal Cup 3D Marking Video:

Marking by 3D Laser Marking Machine

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