Plastic Seal Marking by UV Laser Marking Machine


Technical Parameters:

With the development of laser marking technology, the application of laser marking machine is more and more widely, the traditional charger identification is generally the use of printing technology, now the use of ULTRAVIOLET laser marking machine can also quickly complete the identification process, and the cost is lower, faster, more environmentally friendly.  

Steel wire seal is a more common seal in life, generally seen in meter reading box, electric box. With good anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting effect, can be used in freight, home decoration, and other fields. 

Each seal has a unique number on it.  Our JNCSLASER UV Laser Marking Machine can mark serial number, company name, logo, bar code on these different color steel wire seal.

Plastic Seal Marking by UV Laser Marking Machine

Parameter Setting:

 3W UV Laser Marking Machine Parameter Setting: 

Phone Charge Marking by UV Laser Marking Machine

Plastic Seal UV Laser Marking Video:

Marking by 3W 5W UV Laser Marking Machine

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