Leather Notebook Laser Marking by 3W UV Laser Marking Machine

Because its cold working characteristics, using range is very wide, In most of the materials can be fine marking at the same time,It can also meet the needs of mass production and assembly line operations. For example, the processing of optical fiber and CO2 laser marking machine will produce high temperature, which can not process precision and fragile materials like ultraviolet laser marking machine, But uv laser markers can process some of their materials, such as hardware and leather.  

  1. characteristics, using range is very wide
  2. Speed: 600mm/s
  3. Current: 1A
  4. Frequency: 30Khz
  5.  Q pulse width: 12
  6. Hatching : 0.04

Parameter Setting:

By UV Laser Marking Machine Ez Cad Software

Leather Marking Video:

Marking by 3D Laser Marking Machine

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