Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine Machine with CCD automatic visual and positioning system

Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Metal


Fiber laser marking machine designed to easy-move equipment, air-cooling, compact machine, Perfect output beam quality, high reliability, no consumables, maintenance-free. Long life Working. Import Germany IPG fiber laser, the international latest, most reliable structure, small size, power consumption is small, no high-voltage without large water-cooled system. Close to the ideal beam, USB interface, output control, optical scanning system, laser repetition rate high, high-speed, without distortion.

Main Feature:

Machine Desciption of CCD Camera Positioning Laser Marking Machine:

The machine has imported high-precision CCD camera positioning and large-scale graphic visual recognition system, which can be integrated with different light sources such as optical fiber, CO2, UV, etc. it can not only automatically locate products for marking and automatic detection of defective products, but also realize large-scale visual positioning and marking through the moving platform.

Features of CCD Camera Positioning Laser Marking Machine

1、automatic intelligent positioning

2、suitable all kinds of metal and nonmetallic material 3、supports automatic loading&unloading system

Machine Configurations:

CCD visual and positioning system

automatic intelligent positioning It is suitable for flash disk, keyring, and small metal parts.

Conveyor belt

1.5m length
200mm width

Tool Box

Foot Switch Protect Goggles U disk with software Spanner Keys Screws Ruler Power Cable

Laser Source

Brand Name: Wuhan Raycus Model: 20QB 30QB 50QB Laser Power: 20W 30W 50W Optional Brand: Max./JPT Germany IPG

Galvo Scanner

Brand Name: Beijing Sino Galvo Model: SG2206 high speed scanner

Field Lens

Brand Name: Nanjing Wave Length Mode:SG-1064-112-163G Working Area: 110X110mm

Machine Package

wooden box

Machine Optional Parts:

Rotary clamp

Diameter: 80mm

Rotary clamp for ring

Diameter: 50mm

2D Working Table

It can be moved left and right, Front and back.

Flat rotate table for marking pen

It can be put 24 pcs pens.

Cutting Fixture

It is used for fixing metal sheet when cutting. It will be choosed by 50w 100w big power machine.

The wheel rotary clamp

It is suitable for 5-120mm diamater cylinder. It can bear within 20Kg cylinder.

Smoke Purifier

Smoke purifier is mainly used for the purification of smoke and dust produced in marking, cutting, and other processes as well as the recovery of rare metals and precious materials

Economic Flat Rotate Table for Pen

It is used for pen.

Machine Parameters:

Type specification

CS-F20  CS-F30  CS-F50  CS-F100

Wave length of laser


Laser repetition frequency


Laser power

20W     30W      50W      100W

Marking scope

70*70mm 110*110 mm 150*150mm 175*175mm 200*200mm 250*250mm 300*300mm optional

Laser sources

Fiber module

Laser Head

Scanning head

The minimum focus facula diameter


Minimal character


Marking speed


Repeated accuracy


Cooling ways

Force-air Cooling

Power supply

220V/ 50Hz/2kVA

Process Material

All kinds of metal and part of Non-metal Materials

Support format



Standard Crate for export

Package Size and Gross Weight

0.91X0.93X1.57M  150KG

Video Tutorials & Instructional Video:

Sample Display:

Industry Application:

Electronic Components: Resistors, Capacitors, Chips, Printed Circuit Boards, Keyboard, etc.
Mechanical Parts: Bearings, Gears, Standard Parts, Motor, etc.
Instrument: Panel Board, Nameplates, Precision equipment, Medical Instruments etc.
Hardware Tools: Knives, Tools, Measuring Tools, Cutting Tools, Gold Silver Brass Jewelry etc.
Automobile Parts: Pistons&Rings, Gears, Shafts, Bearings, Clutch, Lights.
Daily Necessities: Handicrafts, Zipper, Key Holder, Sanitary Ware, etc.

Marking Materials:

Fiber laser marking machine could work perfectly for most metal materials. Such as Gold Silver Brass Jewelry, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Iron Copperetc. And some plastic materials, such as ABS.

Especially  50w and 100w laser marking machine could cut small gold silver brass jewelry within 1mm.

How to Play Order:

  1. Will you please inform us the below information?
  • What material will you mark?
  • What is your maximum marking area?
  • Do you need marking depth? Or just require marking clearly?
  1. We would like to recommend you suitable laser marking machine accordingly and offer you our best price.
  2. Will you ship machine by sea, by air or by courier? So, please tell us your nearest sea por, air port, or detailed address. We would like to check freight fee for you.
  3. After you confirm machine model, power, price, freight fee, then please inform us your Consignee Information ( company name, address, contact, phone number ) we will make Proforma Invoice for you to play order.
  4. You can remit the payment according to Proforma Invoice.
  5. Machine will be ready 5-7 working days after your payment.
  6. We will share with you machine photos and videos since machine is ready.
  7. After confiming all is fine, we will book shipment.
  8. We will share with you bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list after shipment.
  9. You can operate laser marking machine according to user video and user manual.
  10. If any questions about using, we would like to guide you online.


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