100w 3D Dynamic Focusing Large Format Co2 Laser Marking Machine 600*600mm 800*800mm Wood Leather Cloth Acrylic Marking

3D Large Format CO2 Laser Marking Machine


Large format 3D dynamic focus CO2 laser marking machine equipped with CO2 glass tube or RF metal tube, suitable for marking wood, leather, cloth and other non-metallic materials.The 3D Dynamic Laser Machine is excellent in the aspects of algorithm optimization, high speed of marking and cutting,and other powerful functions. It is specially designed for the laser scanning with tiny light spot, large working range and high flexibility



Main Feature:

  • High efficiency cutting and marking function;
  • Powerful CO2 glass tube or RF metal tube with fine laser beam;
  • characterized by high strength in use, compact construction, dust-proof, convenient and accurate installation, strong anti-jamming
  • Dynamic galvanometer system, fast marking speed, bigger working range.
  • 3D marking solves the traditional laser marking problems on stepped surfaces, slopes, cylinders, cones and other targets,making the distortion of fonts a thing of the past.

MAir Cooling and Water Cooling:

100W large format co2 laser marking machine
RF100W Metal Tube Large Size Co2 Laser Marking Machine

RF100W metal tube: 1) laser beam is thin and small than glass tube , marking effect is better than glass tube 2) CO2 gas is used over, we can refill gas.

100W large format co2 laser marking machine
100W Glass Tube Large Size CO2 Laser Marking Machine

100W Glass tube: 1) price is ecnomic than RF metal tube 2) when co2 gas is used over, we have to change another laser tube. The co2 gas could not be refilled.

Machine Configurations:

100W large format co2 laser marking machine
100W large format co2 laser marking machine

Machine Parameters:

working area
600mm*600mm  800*800mm
laser power
100w glass tube or 100W RF metal tube
laser wavelength
Laser Type
marking speed 
repeated precision
Cooling Mode
water cooling
Control Software
System Operation Environment
WindowsXP/Window 7/8/10 32/64bit
Power Input
220V / 110V 50HZ / 60HZ single phase
Graphic format supported
Applicable material
wood,acrylic, paper, cloth,leather, etc non-metal material

Video Tutorials & Instructional Video:

Sample Display:

Industry Application:

Tobacco, food and beverages, wines, medical packing, leather, plastic, rubber, wood products, advertisement, arts and crafts, glass, printing, ornament,etc

 Marking Materials:

leather, wood, textiles, plastics, acrylic, glass, crystal, stone, MDF, dual-color board, organic glass, paper, jade, agate, non-metals  etc.

100W large format co2 laser marking machine
100W large format co2 laser marking machine

How to Play Order:

  1. Will you please inform us the below information?
  • What material will you mark?
  • What is your maximum marking area?
  1. We would like to recommend you suitable laser marking machine accordingly and offer you our best price.
  2. Will you ship machine by sea, by air or by courier? So, please tell us your nearest sea por, air port, or detailed address. We would like to check freight fee for you.
  3. After you confirm machine model, power, price, freight fee, then please inform us your Consignee Information ( company name, address, contact, phone number ) we will make Proforma Invoice for you to play order.
  4. You can remit the payment according to Proforma Invoice.
  5. Machine will be ready 10-12 working days after your payment.
  6. We will share with you machine photos and videos since machine is ready.
  7. After confiming all is fine, we will book shipment.
  8. We will share with you bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list after shipment.
  9. You can operate laser machine according to user video and user manual.
  10. If any questions about using, we would like to guide you online.


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