Ceramic Marking by 5W UV Laser Marking Machine


  • At present, uv laser marking is the main surface marking process for ceramic products.  Compared with the traditional screen printing pad printing, jet printing and other processes, uv laser marking is more clear, beautiful, not easy to disappear, so it is not easy to imitate and change, to a certain extent, has a strong anti-counterfeiting, for manufacturers and consumers have a high guarantee.  In addition, uv laser marking processing efficiency is also higher, a very short time can complete a product marking.  However, this requires high quality, professional UV laser marking equipment.  
Ceramic Marking by 5W UV Laser Marking Machine

Parameter Setting:

By UV Laser Marking Machine Ez Cad Software 

  • Speed: 20mm/s
  • Current: 1A
  • Frequency: 30Khz
  •  Q pulse width: 1
  • Hatching : 0.03
Leather Notebook Laser Marking by 3W UV Laser Marking Machine

Leather Marking Video:

Marking by 3W 5W UV Laser Marking Machine

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