What Can A Laser Cleaning Machine Clean?

In recent years, laser cleaning has become one of the research hotspots in the field of industrial manufacturing, covering processes, theories, equipment, and applications. In the industrial application field, laser cleaning technology can reliably clean a large variety of different substrate surfaces, including steel, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, glass, composite materials, etc. The application industries include aerospace, aviation, shipping, high-speed rail, automotive, molds, nuclear power, marine, and other fields.

Traditional cleaning processes such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, high-impact cleaning, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning, etc., are time-consuming, cannot be automated, and usually have harmful environmental impacts. At the same time, there is no reliable method to measure cleaning effectiveness.

In comparison, laser cleaning has advantages such as no pollution, no consumables, low cost, high efficiency, no contact, no stress, no damage, good controllability, precise selective cleaning, and the ability to clean hard-to-reach dangerous areas. It is considered the most reliable and effective solution for cleaning problems in the future. 

laser cleaning machine
JNCSLASER cleans stainless steel

Principle of Laser Cleaning Machine

Before understanding the effectiveness of laser cleaning equipment, we must first understand the principle of laser cleaning. The basic principle is to utilize the difference in absorption of laser energy of different wavelengths by the base material and contaminants. For example, when cleaning rust stains on cast iron workpieces, the melting point, boiling point, and gasification temperature of cast iron and rust stains are different. When the laser is irradiated on the material, the rust stains absorb the laser energy, gasify, evaporate, vibrate, and rapidly expand due to heat, ultimately peeling off the surface of the base material, thus achieving the purpose of cleaning. 

Different Types of Laser Cleaning Machines

Commonly seen laser cleaning machines on the market are divided into pulsed and continuous output types. Pulsed laser cleaning machines typically have powers of 100W and 200W, while continuous laser cleaning machines usually have powers of 1000W, 1500W, and 3000W. For example, a 3000W laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning rust layers, thick paint layers, deep oil stains, rough surfaces, welding seam cleaning, and other process steps. A 3000W laser cleaning machine has high power, enabling faster cleaning speed and higher efficiency. To learn how to choose between pulsed and continuous laser cleaning machines, please read the guide on How to Choose Between Pulse and Continuous Laser Cleaning Machines. 

What can laser cleaning machines clean?

laser cleaning machine
JNCSLASER cleaning stainless steel 

Metal surfaces: Continuous laser rust removal machines are particularly suitable for cleaning rust on metal surfaces. This includes surfaces of various metal materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

Industrial equipment: The laser cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning surfaces of various industrial equipment, such as machine tools, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pipelines, etc., to remove oil stains, rust, and other industrial residues.

Automobiles and ships: Can be used to clean metal components of vehicles such as cars, ships, etc., to remove rust and carbon deposits.

Aerospace components: A laser cleaning machine can clean components in the aerospace field, such as engine components, fuselage structures, etc., to ensure the removal of surface contaminants without damage.

Power equipment: Suitable for cleaning equipment in the power industry such as transformers, generators, transmission lines, etc., to remove rust and stains.

Petrochemical facilities: Can be used for maintenance of petrochemical facilities, cleaning rust and deposits on equipment such as pipelines, storage tanks, reactors, etc.

Manufacturing components: Suitable for cleaning mechanical components and tools in various manufacturing industries, to remove rust, oil stains, and processing residues. 


Laser cleaning machine plays an important role in many fields. With the continuous improvement of technology and the mass production of equipment, laser cleaning technology will definitely play an important role in the cleaning industry. Laser rust removal does not cause any damage to the basic material of metals. Laser rust removal only requires one person to operate, and there is no harm to the cleaning personnel during the operation process. The working environment is clean and pollution-free, so there is no need to worry about environmental issues.

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