Tube and plate combined fiber laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine applications are very extensive.It include many industries, and is one of the must-have equipment for many companies.

Firstly,Advertising signage .(These are mainly stainless steel logo and logo cutting)

Secondly,sheet metal processing. (Basically, in the gold processing,it includes all the metal materials . These are generally bent, polished, etc. Cutting is one of the most important processes.)

Thirdly,The production of chassis cabinets. (In this regard, carbon steel or stainless steel.)

Fourthly,Bent & Cut 2 Cutting Processes, Spring Plates (belonging to the finishing process), Metro Parts, Elevator Shells, Mechanical Equipment Shells, Kitchen Kitchenware (Stainless Steel).

Finally,Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising signage word production.high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts. kitchen utensils, automobiles, machinery. metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, eye wear industry. spring sheet, circuit board, electric kettle, medical micro Electronics. hardware, knife measuring tools and other industries.

Metal Plate and Tube Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Professional Tube Pipe Fiber Laser Cutting Machine