Some Problems of Plastic Fiber Laser Marking Machine

General fiber laser marking machine in metal and non-metal laser marking are very wide, fiber laser marking machine can be applied to digital, text, trademark or machine reading code, such as with high information density, in different scales arranged in a close space of the data matrix code. The application of laser marking technology is gradually going deep into every corner, especially in the industrial application range is more and more wide, the complexity of the application is greatly increased, so that laser marking has become an indispensable part of the production of various industries, plastic pipe, profile, aluminum (steel) plastic composite pipe and other plastic extrusion material production is no exception. Today we summarize some problems about fiber laser marking machine.

  • Can fiber laser marking machine mark plastic?

The answer is yes. But there are conditions, some can play, do not meet the conditions can not play.

  • Can the logo marked by fiber laser marking machine on plastic be erased?

Generally not, laser marks are generally permanent, unless the surface will be scraped away, otherwise it is not wiped off. So with laser marking machine marking production date, anti-counterfeiting identification is still very good to use.

  • Can different colors be marked on plastic?

Generally speaking, fiber laser marking machine to play the color of the marking are the color of the material itself. But like stainless steel, can be adjusted through the parameters, so that the logo appears a variety of colors. Plastic generally can only play gray black, can only adjust the depth of its color, but can not play other colors.

  • Will marking on plastic burn plastic?

JNCSLASER fiber laser marking machine in plastic marking will not burn plastic, and the reason is that its output power is generally not high, as long as the parameters are properly adjusted, laser will only evaporate a thin layer of plastic surface, but will not burn the plastic itself. So there’s no need to worry about that. 


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