Color Laser Marking

Regular colors like black, white, and gray that you get with laser engraving can be limiting in some situations.

The best and most popular way to do color engraving or color marking is by using a MOPA fiber laser.

How to do Color Laser Engraving?

Although any fiber laser can be used for engraving metals, MOPA fiber lasers are recommended for color engraving.

Compared to a regular fiber laser, a MOPA fiber laser provides better control over parameters such as power, frequency, pulse width, etc. 

But as for color marking, the suitable metal is stainless steel. It could not mark different colors on other materials.

JPT M7 series high power MOPA fiber lasers make use of master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) configuration and show excellent laser performance with a high level of temporal pulse shaping controllability.

Compared to the Q-switch technology, in MOPA configuration, the pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and pulse width can be controlled independently. The laser peak power can be well maintained by adjusting different combination parameters. The high output power has its advantages, especially in high-speed marking applications.

JPT MOPA fiber lasers are best suited for marking and marking processes, such as black marking on anodized aluminum, color marking on stainless steel, and deep engraving.


Color Laser Marking
Mopa Fiber Laser Marking Machine


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