technology of fiber handheld laser welding machine

Main Parts of Laser welding Machine: 
Fiber laser source: Max. Raycus, JPT, Imported IPG 

Welding head: Relfar, Hanwei, Qilin, etc optional.

-Cooling system : S&A water chiller 

-Control system: Relfar, Hanwei, Qilin it is complete set with welding head. 

Raycus brand fiber laser source:

It is most popular in the world. Morn than 90% customers like Raycus brand laser source. The main reason is Raycus laser source more cheap and always stable. 

Max. brand fiber laser source:

It is cheap than Raycus fiber laser source, there are other brand, GW, JPT, Reci, etc. 

IPG fiber laser source: 

IPG laser source come from Germany. It’s best quality and famous in the world.All laser industry of the world manufacturers have been used IPG brand fiber laser source for their customers. If welded high reflective materials that IPG laser source is, alumium material.

High photoelectric conversion rate Can reach 45%, other brands are only about 25%

High market share, a certain degree of reaction to brand strength and quality

Low failure rate, only 3%

Light power can be seen in real time

After-sale service spots all over the world, problems can be resolved in time

Machine configurations are different, Price will be different

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Fiber Laser Welding Machine