Advantages of Fiber Laser Marking Technology

1.Fast and Cost-Effective

Laser marking is a fast, non-contact application that requires zero consumables. With nothing to repair or replace, laser marking costs are negligible. Because of zero-maintenance laser, laser markers have exceptional availability, resulting in high part throughput and fast ROI.

2.Best Industry Reliability

Fiber laser marking solutions are configured with the user in mind. Typically supplied as a complete solution with fiber laser, scanning head and control software, these solutions are easily programmed for complex logo images, single part serialization numbers, or automatic generation of individual 1D and 2D data matrix codes.

3.Permanent Marking

Fiber lasers are available in a wide range of options so the marking process can be matched precisely to the materials and applications. From the deep engraving of automotive components to the permanent black marking of medical devices that must withstand continued sterilization,fiber lasers produce marking that endures.

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Stand Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Mini. Enclosure Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Protect Cover