copper cleaning by pulsed handheld fiber laser cleaning machine

200W pulsed fiber laser cleaning machine can indeed be used for copper cleaning. Laser cleaning is a non-contact method that utilizes a laser beam to remove contaminants or oxides from the surface of a material without damaging the underlying substrate.

When it comes to copper cleaning, a pulsed fiber laser can effectively remove oxides, dirt, or other unwanted substances from the surface. The laser beam is directed at the copper surface, and as the laser energy is absorbed by the contaminants, they are vaporized or ablated, leaving behind a clean copper surface.

The 200W power rating indicates the maximum output power of the laser. This power level is suitable for various cleaning applications, including copper cleaning. However, it’s important to note that the specific parameters such as pulse duration, repetition rate, and spot size will depend on the desired cleaning results and the condition of the copper surface.

It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or work with an expert who can provide detailed instructions on the optimal laser parameters for copper cleaning with a 200W pulsed fiber laser cleaning machine

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