What Are The features Of Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine?

As we know, fiber laser cleaning machine very popular in the market.Laser cleaning machine relative to the traditional cleaning machine What are the advantages?

Today, JNCSLASER will share more information about laser cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning machine advantages:

1.the laser cleaning is dry cleaning, no exhaust emissions, does not cause environmental pollution, cleaning residues through the vacuum cleaner recycling.

2.can effectively clean the other method is difficult to remove the clean surface adsorption of submicron particles.

3.the laser can be transmitted by optical fiber, and robots and robots to match, easy to achieve long-distance operation, to clean the traditional method is not easy to reach the site, which in some dangerous places to use to ensure the safety of personnel.

4. the laser cleaning efficiency, save time, lower cost.

5.good controllability, high flexibility, easy to implement constituency, real-time precision cleaning.

6.the heat-affected zone is small, for light stripping cleaning is to open the material bond, no thermal effect on the surrounding material without thermal damage. No damage to the mold – to extend the life of the mold.

7.car tire mold can be achieved online cleaning, cleaning speed (≦ 25 minutes / deputy), easy to operate, without any supplies (except electricity) and chemicals.

8.the purchase of laser cleaning system Although the previous one-time investment is high.

But the cleaning system can be long-term stable use, low operating costs, few warranty requirements.

That why most of customer want to buy laser cleaning machine for their work.Even if the price is expensive.

Hope this information is helpful for you.

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