Fiber laser welding machine operation

Here handheld fiber laser welding machine operation introduce to you.

First of all:

Prepare before operation: water, electricity, gas.

Water: 18L Pure water or Distilled water or Deionized water. (for injecting into the water chiller)

Electricity: 63A air switch 1kw, 1.5kw is 220V, 2kw is 380V.

Gas: Nitrogen or Argon. (auxiliary gas when welding, both are ok. For materials that are easily oxidized, it is better to use argon. An Oxygen regulator is OK.)

Please note the spare part:

1.Wire feeding device power cable, automatic wirte feeding device and a roll of carbon steel wire

2.Laser source communication signal line

3.Protective glass

4.Nozzle and protective lens and wire feed wheel.

5.Water pipe

6.Gas tube

Firstly, Inject water to water chiller.

18L Pure water or Distilled water or Deionized water.

Secondly, Connect gas tube.
Thirdly, Check the nameplate work voltage firstly.

(1.5kw is 220V, 2kw is 380V.)

Fourthly, Connect electricity.
Fifthly,  Connect Signal cable of autofeeder.

One part is connect with machine, the rest part connects with autofeeder.

Sixthly, Connect automatic wire feeding device power cable.
Seventhly, Ensure voltage is ok, electricity is ok, then switch on Air Swith.
Eighthly, Then Open air switch behind the machine to provide power to machine.

(The air switch has seft-protection function. If there is no voltage, it can not be opened.)

Ninthly, Provide power to whole machine.
Tenthly, Turn on the key switch with the key.
Eleventhly, Open water whiller button when the indicator lights up and screen noraml.
Twelfthly,  Turn on the laser source. (ensure water chiller is OK before this)
Thirteenthly, Turn on the key of laser source.

Hope above info let you know more about this machine.

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