What are the Advantages of the Enclosed Laser Cutting Machine?

Fiber laser cutting machines for cutting flat plates are available in open type and enclosed type. The biggest difference between the two devices is that one has a sheet metal cover and the other doesn’t. Equipment without a cover has certain advantages in terms of cost performance, so many customers prefer open fiber laser cutting machines. However, during operation, the operator had better wear laser protective glasses. So what are the advantages of the enclosed laser cutting machine

laser cutting machine

Prevent laser damage to people’s eyes

In the international laser classification, the lasers of laser cutting machines generally belong to class III or IV lasers. Safety regulations prohibit operators from looking directly at this laser. But novices generally like to stare at the cutting head when operating a laser cutting machine. Prolonged staring can damage the eyes and cause a stinging sensation. In addition, very low laser exposure can cause damage to the cornea or retina.

Prevent smoke and dust from harming the environment

Laser cutting is thermal cutting, which will generate a lot of smoke and dust during the process. Although laser-cutting machines are generally equipped with dust extraction devices, some smoke and dust can still escape. Finally, soot can pollute the work environment.

The enclosed laser-cutting machine adopts a closed structure. The fumes generated during cutting are internally filtered.

Prevent operator from mechanical injury

Laser cutters use lasers instead of blades as processing tools. This greatly reduces the probability of mechanical injury to the operator The enclosed structure can isolate the laser from the operator to the greatest extent. After adjusting the parameters, then the operator can pull the side door of the cutting machine. The machine will perform a fully enclosed cutting to avoid damage to the human body.


The enclosed laser cutting machine has the advantages mentioned above. Therefore, more and more companies choose it. However, the operator must strictly abide by the specifications when operating it. Such as wearing goggles, dust masks, gloves, etc.

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