Three Methods for Fiber Laser Marking Machine to Find Focus

Fiber laser marking machines are now very common in all walks of life. But many novices will encounter some problems when using them. One of the most common problems is the problem of finding focus.

What is the focal length? Simply put, it is the distance from the focal point to the mirror surface. Our fiber laser marking machine also needs to use such a method to mark. Before an operation, we have to master the correct marking position. This article is to introduce three methods to find the focus.

Test by the continuous light
The first method is the continuous light test. From the name, we can know the content. First, we need to draw a circle or square on the marking software. Its size is about one centimeter. Then, all we need to do is regular padding. That is, in the settings, adjust the parameters to the appropriate position. Typically, operators choose to adjust the laser power to a relatively high level. At the same time, they try to use the low-frequency controller and turn on the working mode of continuous marking. Finally, they put a piece of metal or something on top of the product and watch. In continuous marking, a strong reaction occurs when the laser acts on the metal. When the reaction is strongest and the sound is loudest, then here is the focal point.

Measure focal length
The focal length is written in the manual of many laser marking machines. So every time the product is replaced, the operator can directly use the steel ruler to lean on the surface of the product. The scale value refers to a certain reference surface on the field lens, and you can shake it up and down to the scale data. This method can be used for all laser marking machines. However, this method is not very practical if the machine does not fit into the steel ruler.

Install the device making red light
This method requires a part of the machine itself. First of all, we can install two oblique red lights next to the galvanometer. Using the principle of right-angled triangles, we use a fixed right-angled side and two coincident hypotenuses to find another right-angled side on the plane where the focal length is located. Next, We only need to shake it up and down until the two red light indicator points coincide to find the focus. This method is relatively simple. But there is also a prerequisite-such component is installed in the equipment.
In summary, there are three ways to find the focus of the fiber laser marking machine. As long as the operator is proficient in these three methods, finding the focal becomes very simple. After finding the focus, be sure to use a ruler to measure the distance from the lower galvanometer to the focus. Then we can record this distance as a reference for the next marking. Therefore, we don’t have to test focus again.

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