The Influence of Fiber Laser Marking Machine Marking Effect Factors

Fiber laser marking machine market competition is gradually intensifying, the research and development of equipment is more stringent requirements, although the fiber laser marking machine is present in many areas of popular equipment, but the quality of their own equipment is the decisive factor to seize the market, the development is the hard truth, the quality assurance of their own hardware is the guarantee of their own strength.
If the fiber laser marking machine does not have good quality assurance, even with the most advanced technology is only a kind of defective products, the improvement of the quality of the equipment itself should be the simultaneous improvement of all aspects, not just one-sided but one aspect of the improvement, which will not only affect the quality of the fiber laser marking machine fiber laser marking machine own equipment product quality, but also in the future will become the development of the fiber laser marking machine industry stumbling block.

Of course, to a certain extent, the reputation of the fiber laser marking machine equipment will also have some negative impact, seriously detrimental to the development of the coding machine. At present, the main is based on continuous experimental experience, so that the fiber laser marking machine equipment capabilities and technology to improve simultaneously is the right path of development. The most significant advantage of laser marking machine is to have a very high pumping efficiency. In general, the pump conversion efficiency is seventy to seventy-five percent, which is much higher than that of industrial secondary pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSL).
Such high conversion efficiencies reduce laser system cooling and power requirements, enable more compact structures than traditional solid-state lasers, and provide a very rugged and reliable package design with all-fiber construction.
Moreover, fiber lasers can significantly enhance the beam quality of the output. Computerized pneumatic marking machine is a special CNC marking equipment, using the principle of stepper motor and compressed air for depth marking, which is widely used in auto parts, hardware, plastic and other fields, is the most commonly used industrial marking method.

       50W 300X300mm marking video

Mopa 30W 175X175mm color marking video

       50W 110X110mm cutting copper 

50w 110X110mm Cutting Silver


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