The Advantages of Laser Cleaning when Cleaning Bronze Cultural Relics

At present, the protection and repair of bronze cultural relics are facing some major challenges. Laser cleaning technology is very helpful for the repair and cleaning of bronze cultural relics. Therefore, it has great research value. Laser cleaning technology, as a new type of laser processing technology, can effectively remove surface stains and rust stains while protecting the cultural relics themselves. And compared to traditional cleaning technology, it has many advantages. This article mainly introduces the application of laser cleaning machines on bronze cultural relics.

About laser cleaning
Laser cleaning has been widely used in various fields as a new type of cleaning technology. It uses high-energy dense characteristics of the laser beam. Under the premise of the same energy input, the concentration system concentrates the beam into light spots of different diameters and different energy densities. Through the difference between the energy of the light spots, the machine only removes the surface layer and does not hurt the cleaning material itself. Laser cleaning uses these characteristics to effectively remove pollutants.
Traditional cleaning methods include physical cleaning, chemical cleaning, and ultrasonic cleaning. Under the strict requirements of environmental protection, these methods have been greatly restricted. Laser cleaning is a new type of cleaning technology. It has very small environmental pollution and fast cleaning efficiency. Therefore, buyers from different industries all love it.

The advantages of laser cleaning when cleaning cultural relics
1. Laser cleaning is a selective cleaning, which is selective for the cleaning material itself and the cleaning layer. And this technology can make the surface of the material intact. The operator can clean the dirt by setting the parameters of the laser without destroying the surface of the material.
2. Laser cleaning is environmentally friendly.Because the waste produced by laser cleaning is solid powder. It is small, easy to store, and small pollution to the environment. therefore. Without any doubt, it is an environmentally friendly cleaning process.
3. The cleaning range of laser cleaning can be adjusted. Laser beam adopts a radio cleaning method. As long as the laser is illuminated, the pollutants can be cleaned. By adjusting the size of the light spots, its cleaning range can be accurate to 0.01mm.
4. Laser cleaning uses non-contact cleaning. Traditional methods often have mechanical force on the surface of cleaning objects. Therefore, the operator is easy to accidentally damage the surface of the object. Laser cleaning is non-contact process that can easily achieve long-distance operations. All in all, it can complete cleaning work in many harsh environments.

The above is the application of laser cleaning machines when cleaning bronze cultural relics. At present, there are many experiences of successful use in the world. According to the actual corrosion of the bronze ware, the operator can find suitable laser and laser process parameters. This method can not only remove the rust effect but not cause damage to the surface of the bronze.

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