Laser Welding Machine Fundamentals

We are familiar with welding technology, as we frequently see it in a nearby workshop. A laser welding machine performs a similar job but through a different technology. A laser welding machine makes an accurate weld and is fast and reliable.

This article describes the fundamentals of laser welding machines. Afterwards, we will introduce some laser welding machines from our collection. At the end of this article, we will know why we should use a laser welding machine to boost business turnover.

What is laser welding? How does it work?

Laser welding is simply the process of lasers joining pieces of metals or thermoplastic materials. Different laser beams provide particular heat energy allowing narrow and deep welds. Laser welding machines are popular in electronic, jewelry and additive manufacturing. Besides, the laser welder is also trendy in the jewelry industry.

A high voltage power supply excites the lasing media to produce the high-density laser beams. The laser welding machine uses the lens to focus the laser on the working area where it is necessary to weld. Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software will control the laser’s speed and the operating table’s position during the laser welding process.

JNCSlaser offers four excellent types of laser welding machines suitable for various applications. These laser welding machines are portable, easy to carry and, of course, accurate and gentle.

Types of Laser welding Machines

If you consider the types of the laser source, then laser welding has three main types: fiber laser welding machine, solid-state laser welding machine and CO2 laser welding machine. On the other hand, considering the type of laser, there are two types of laser welders, pulsed laser welding and continuous laser welding.

However, considering the laser working mode, there are no specific types of laser welders. Different industries customize the laser welding machine based on their business requirement. The most popular laser welding machine types are handheld laser welding machines, automatic laser welding machines, jewelry laser welding machines, Laser spot welding machines, galvometer laser welding machines, etc.

JNCSlaser Technology, one of the most popular laser machine suppliers, offers four types of laser welders. They are  Galvometer Fiber Laser Welding Machine, Mini Jewelry Laser Welding Machine, 200W Spot Laser Welding Machine for Jewelry, and JNCSlaser Handheld Laser Welding Machine.

JNCSlaser welding machine fields of application

JNCSlaser welders are suitable for many applications. These machines fit right in with almost any application of the standard traditional welding. Given how long welding has been popular in manufacturing, these portable laser welding machine applications aren’t exactly hard to identify.

1.Electronic industry

JNCSlaser welding machine has been handy in electronics manufacturing industries. These industries benefit the most from our laser welding technology’s added speed and precision. JNCSlaser welder is suitable for high-speed spot welding of sheet metal materials, such as copper foil, stainless steel, nickel plate etc.

In particular, the Galvometer Fiber Laser welding machine is excellent to spot welding or sealing welding. For example, batteries, cell phone shielding covers, cell phone housing, capacitor products, computer hard disk, micromotor, sensors and other electronic industries are the popular product of the JNCSlasers.

2.Jewelry Industry

Many jewellers prefer laser welders because it provides a precise, localized pinpoint of heat. For this reason, a laser welding machine reduces the risk of damage to the jewelry. It is essential to perform localized heating because stones are susceptible to heat. Even surrounding the jewelry stone, a minor repair may lose its original forms due to high-temperature exposure.

In this case, the JNCSlaser welder offers precise heat, making the process much easier to complete. Howeverthe JNCSlaser welding machine for jewelry is famous for repairing and welding all kinds of metals and alloys, spot weld lines, splicing, embedded troops, and jump ring. It can weld perfectly a lot of materials such as stainless steel, copper, gold, silver, platinum, platinum, stainless steel, copper, aluminium etc

3.Tool Manufacturing

The importance of laser welding machines in the field of tool manufacturing is vast. Whether the manufacturing process is subtractive or additive, the industries often prefer JNCSlaser welders to join multiple elements and complete a tool’s required form. The most important advantage of a laser welder in tool manufacturing is its flexibility. Regarding joint geometry manufacturing process, laser welding makes it perfect for a production process that manufactures a vast types of products.

4.Medical Industry

Medical aids typically come in smaller sizes and with more functional components. Most importantly, these medical devices need to function and fit well. As a result, each welding location needs to be narrow and tightly welded. Laser welders are therefore required for the production of these medical devices.

These are the most popular applications of possibly hundreds of other different laser welding machines. All types of traditional welding methods will get the advantage of making the update to a laser welder.

Why choose the JNCSlaser welding Machine?

JNCSlaser welding machine has a good advantage over traditional welding machine. JNCSlaser welding machine not only boosts your business turnover but also returns your buyer when they realize the quality of the products.

  • The thermal impact is Minimal:Laser welding is a significantly clean process. Because it is an accurate and localized pinpoint, the laser welding machine focuses on the critical area without making any thermal impact. That’s why laser welder is so prevalent in the electronic and jewelry business.
  • Weld Strength:The laser welding is narrow with an excellent in-depth ratio. Typically, laser welding performs greater strength.
  • Increased Speed:Laser welding is much faster than a traditional arc or MIG welding (up to 5 to 10 times). As a result, laser welder improves the business production rate.
  • Versatile:JNCSlaser welding machine is highly versatile. Any laser setup can weld anything and everything.
  • Accurate Work:The controlled laser beam performs accurate and localized beam projection performing the best and most precise result.
Is Laser welding better than arc welding?

Laser welding technology is the recent technology used in most modern manufacturing industries. Traditional welding, i.e. arc welding or MIG welding, has some limitations over laser welding. As we have already mentioned, laser welding is faster than arc welding (up to 6 to 10 times) and does not need contact with the surface. Laser welding also requires less labour.

On the other hand, Arc welding is a slow process. Arc welding produces thermal impact, and it requires contact with the surface. Arc welding is generally cheaper than laser welding but doesn’t boost productivity.


Laser Welding

Arc Welding

Welding Thermal Effect




Laser welding focuses on localizing pinpoint

Human error happens, and not accurate

Welding Speed

Laser welding is up to 6 to 10 times faster than arc welding

Arc welding is a slower process


T-exposure to light is almost safe

Ultraviolet light, radiation hazard


Very Low



Extremely versatile

Not versatile

Weld Spot size

Laser welding makes narrow welding spot

Arc welding makes broader welding spot

Recommended Suggestion during Laser welding

Although Laser welding is entirely safe, we recommend some precautionary steps that you should check during laser welding. We know that laser welding requires a certain amount of skill to complete the task. If someone unaware of the laser welding technique makes an accomplished product, the quality of the product might suffer.

However, the following points will come into play if a few of these incidents happen.

  • The operator who is working the laser welding machine should have a clear understanding of the job and the type of laser.
  • All the operators must check if they removed all air pockets. If they didn’t clear, the air pockets might make the weld flimsy and fail after some time.
  • The operator must apply the laser heat evenly along the metal surface during the laser welding process. Durability problems could be caused by uneven welding if the laser heat is not dispersed evenly throughout the surface.
  • The operators should be extra cautious when welding on optical surfaces, as they can quickly get damaged.

Additionally, compared to other welding techniques, laser welding devices require a considerably greater initial investment. If a machine experiences problems while in use, its maintenance costs will also increase.

Final Thought

JNCSlaser Technology Ltd is one of the most popular laser machine suppliers in the world laser market. However, this laser machine manufacturer has a great collection of various Laser machines. One of them is a Laser welder.

JNCSlaser welding machine is a great choice for Electronic, jewelry and tool manufacturing industries. Undoubtedly, these laser welders will boost your business on a significant scale. These laser welders make an excellent finish and perform accurate work.

However, Our skilled laser experts at JNCSlaser Technology have years of expertise in maintaining and repairing various types of laser welders. Our buyers are welcome to ask all sorts of questions regarding laser machines, and we would love to answer your questions.

welcome to contact us for more details.

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