How to Choose the Suitable Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

At present, there are dozens of domestic large and small laser companies. The application of laser marking machine in various industries has played a role in boosting the competitiveness of China’s brand.

But in the face of so many enterprises, how do companies correctly choose processing equipment to make their investment more rewarding?

1. First, how to choose the right model

At present, there are Fiber Laser Marking Machine, CO2 Laser Marking Machine, UV Laser Marking Machine, and Flying Laser Marking Machine for production line.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine is mainly used for marking gold, silver, jewelry, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, and some plastic.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine is mainly used for marking wood, acrylic, leather, paper, cloth etc nonmetal materials.

UV Laser Marking Machine is good at marking different plastic, glass, and it can also mark metal material.

When purchasing equipment, enterprises must first understand the production range.

Processing materials and processing volume of their own enterprises, so as to determine the type, format and quantity of equipment to be purchased. And making a simple preparation for the later procurement work.

When necessary, you can consult the relevant professional personnel of the laser equipment manufacturer on relevant technical issues.Or ask the professionals to carry out on-site simulation to solve or provide solutions. And also take their own materials to the manufacturer for proofing.

2.Fiber Laser Marking Machine different configurations:

Some customers do not know fiber laser marking machine main configurations, they only take care about the price. The fiber laser marking machine price is based on its own configurations. Fiber Laser marking machine main configuration is Fiber Laser Source, Galvo Scanner, Main board, field lens, machine cabinet, power supply etc. Such as fiber laser source brand, Germany IPG, Chinese Raycus, JPT, Max. etc. Galvo scanner brand Germany Scanlab, Chinese Sino galvo, Tenfotai, OUYA, Sunny Tech, etc.  Main board: Germany Scann light, Chinese BJ JCZ EZ cad, etc.

If you want to compare price, please check their main configurations. Same brand Raycus laser source, they have QB QE QS different model, the price will be different. Same brand sino galvo, SG2206, SG7110 RC1101 etc, different models have different prices. You can also tell us your target price, we recommend you suitable machine.


3. Quality and Service

Product quality and service are a non-negligible part of the company in improving its competitiveness. Imagine if a company buys equipment with a high rate of repair. Then how does the equipment allow the company to produce, how to recover the cost, and how to improve the economic benefits? The equipment companies that produce such products will not be well-received. The primary factor in purchasing a laser marking machine is that the performance of the equipment should be stable and the quality should be good. At present,some laser equipment manufacturers have problems with the quality of many productsto gain customers order.

Any piece of equipment will have different degrees of damage during use.In terms of repair after damage, whether the repair is timely and the charge is a second problem. Therefore, in the purchase is to understand the after-sales service of the enterprise through various channels, such as what is the response mechanism, whether the maintenance charge is reasonable, and so on.In fact, purchasing is a very simple process, and the choice is the most important and needs more investigation. However, the author reminds everyone to pay attention to their own opportunities to learn simple equipment maintenance, so that you can use the laser marking machine.


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