How color is obtained on stainless steel by MOPA fiber laser marking machine

Mopa fiber laser marking machines can be used to mark stainless steel with colors by changing the laser’s parameters, such as the pulse duration, frequency, and power. The process of laser marking involves using a high-powered laser to create a permanent mark on the surface of the stainless steel.

To obtain color on stainless steel using a Mopa fiber laser marking machine, the laser is used to heat and oxidize the surface of the stainless steel in a controlled manner. The amount of heat and oxidation produced determines the color of the mark.

The Mopa fiber laser marking machine has a more advanced laser source than a conventional fiber laser, with additional functionality that allows the operator to control the laser’s pulse duration and frequency. This control over the laser parameters makes it possible to produce a wider range of colors and shades than with a conventional fiber laser.

In general, a shorter pulse duration and higher frequency will produce a lighter color, while a longer pulse duration and lower frequency will produce a darker color. By adjusting the laser’s parameters, a Mopa fiber laser marking machine can produce a range of colors on stainless steel, including black, dark gray, light gray, blue, green, and other colors.

       50W 300X300mm marking video

Mopa 30W 175X175mm color marking video

       50W 110X110mm cutting copper 

50w 110X110mm Cutting Silver


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