Advantages of fiber laser welding machine in welding metal

Now, more and more fiber laser welding machine use in the most industry .So why choose fiber laser welding machine,and what is Advantages of fiber laser welding machine in welding metal?

As customers have higher and higher welding accuracy requirements, the industry has been developing products that can follow up with this era.

In the welding machine industry, metal lasers welding machines have a lot of weight in industrial manufacturing.

For most metal materials, no matter what their hardness, they can weld easily. But for some metals , such as gold, silver and copper with high reflectivity, because they are good heat transfer conductors, it is difficult to use laser welding, or even impossible to weld.

Generally, adding some auxiliary gases suitable for the material to be weld during the welding process of the laser welding machine can achieve a good welding effect.

When steel is weld,  use oxygen as an auxiliary vapor to produce an exothermic chemical reaction with the molten metal to oxidize the material, while blowing away the slag in the slit.

For most electromechanical manufacturing industries, because modern laser welding systems can easily weld workpieces of different shapes and sizes, it is often preferred to punching and molding processes´╝Ťalthough the processing speed of metal laser welding machines is slower than that of molds.

However, it has no mold consumption, no need to repair molds, and save time for mold replacement, thereby saving the processing cost of the enterprise and reducing the production cost of the enterprise, so it is more cost-effective overall.

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