What’s the difference between Fiber Laser, UV Laser and CO2 Laser?

Today laser marking machine is very popular, It is widely used in various industries, like Electronic Components, Hardware Tools, Daily Necessities etc. But there are some types of laser marking machine and some new guys always doubt: Which laser type should I choose? What watts of laser should I choose? Here are some tips for these questions.

Fiber Laser Marking Machine (wavelength is 1064nm).

Fiber laser marking machine is good at metals materials, such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Steel, Gold, Sliver, Iron etc, and can also mark on many non-metal materials, such as ABS, Nylon, PES, PVC, Makrolon. But it can’t mark the plastics directly very well (without coating), as It has very high calories then Plastic materials will be burned.

Co2 Laser Marking Machine (wavelength is 10.6um). 

Co2 laser can mark on Most of Non-metallic materials such as ceramics, ABS, acrylic, plastic, bamboo, organic materials, epoxide resin, glass, wood, and paper, etc. But it can’t mark on metals materials directly (without coating).

UV Laser Marking Machine (wavelength is 355nm). 

UV lasers provide a small-size spot and a big focal depth, short laser wavelength interrupts molecular chains of material, can greatly reduces the mechanical deformation and temperature distortion of materials, it is a cold laser, mainly used for super precise marking and engraving, particularly suitable for food, pharmaceutical packaging material marking, micro porous, high-speed dividing for glass, complex graphics wafer cutting on silicon materials, etc. Uv laser marking machine can mark almost all the materials, but as uv laser power is lower, usally it is 3w /5w /10w, it isn’t suitable for a lot of depth works.

Green Laser Marking Machine (wavelength is 355nm).  

The crystal engraving laser machine, is a high resolution laser engraving machine, is really a fine processing machine with advantages of high fidelity and high stability, which is definitely suitable for fine model engraving processing centers, gift shops,

craft shops, photo printing shops, wedding photography, souvenirs, personalized gifts shops, etc. It is Sub-surface marking isn’t surface marking.


UV laser common applications

  • Mark: some metals
  • Mark and engrave: all plastics
  • Mark: all glass 
  • Mark and engrave: some stones
  • Mark: paper
  • Mark and engrave: leather
  • Mark: fruits
  • Mark: wood
  • Mark: ceramic
  • Mark: garment
  • And other materials, for more information consult us. 

Fiber laser common applications

  • Mark and engrave: all metals
  • Mark and engrave: some plastics
  • Mark: some stones
  • Mark: some leathers
  • Mark: some paper
  • Mark: some garments
  • For more information about other materials consult us.

CO2 laser common applications

  • Mark and engrave: Nonmetal
  • Mark and Cut: paper
  • Mark and Cut: leather/ cloth
  • Mark: wood
  • Mark: acylic
  • Mark: stone
  • Mark: bamboo
  • For more information about other materials consult us.

UV Laser Marking Machine
Fiber Laser Marking Machine
CO2 Laser Marking Machine
CO2 Laser Marking Machine