The welding feature of handheld laser welding machine

  1. Laser welding has high energy density, short action time, small heat-affected zone and deformation, and can be welded in the atmosphere without gas protection or vacuum environment.
  1. The direction of the laser beam can be changed by the reflector, and the electrode is not used to touch the weldment during the welding process, so it can weld the parts that are difficult to be welded by the general electric welding process.
  1. Laser can directly weld insulating materials. It is easier to weld dissimilar metal materials, and even metal and non-metal can be welded together.
  1. The power is small, and the welding thickness is limited.
  1. The width of the weld is small, the surface quality is high, the strength of the weld is greatly improved, the heat input is small, and the deformation of the workpiece is small.
  1. The welding speed of laser welding process can reach more than 4m-15m/min, which is much higher than the welding speed of arc welding (generally 0.1m-1.0m/min).
  1. The welding seam tracking error is required to be ±0.05mm, and the worst is no more than ±0.1mm, which is far lower than the tracking error (±0.5mm) required in arc welding.

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