The Features Of CO2 Laser Marking Machine

With the development of the electronic information age, the electronic industrial machinery CO2 laser marking machine is more and more favored by the business enterprises, because of its wide range of use: most of the non-metallic materials can be engraved, such as paper, leather, Wood, plastic, glass, fabric, acrylic, wood bamboo, rubber, crystal, jade, ceramic, glass and artificial stone.

The Perfect Laser CO2 laser marking machine series has the following features:

First, in addition to the machine can be used alone, other combinations can also be installed on the assembly line.

Second, it can be widely used in electronic components, electrical accessories, medicine, food, handicrafts, leather products, plastic products and other industries.

Third, the printing and marking speed can meet the requirements of high efficiency, high speed and high reliability in modern large-scale production.

Fourth, the CO2 gas laser tube, the beam expander focusing optical system and the high-speed galvanometer scanner are used for stable performance, long life and maintenance-free.

Fifth, in transistors, chip components, integrated circuits, ceramic capacitors, thermistors and other modes, such as logo trademarks, characters are clear and beautiful.

Sixth, the professional marking software system of marking machine control software is based on vector graphics, which is suitable for back-end software support such as AutoCAD and Photoshop. The system is powerful and easy to master.


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