The Difference Between Glass Tube and Metal RF tube

1. Laser tube:
CO2 RF metal tube its cover is metal material, it is not easy to be broken. Glass tube material is glass, it is easy to be broken.
2. Service life:
CO2 RF metal tube laser marking machine has near 20000 hours life time, after co2 gas was used over, you can refill gas in your local market or send back here for refilling gas. 
Glass tube marking machine is only about 3000-4000 hours (small 40w 60w power tube), 8000-10000 hours ( reci w2 90w, w4 100w) , after co2 gas was used over, we need change another new glass tube, it could not be refill gas. 
3. Cooling method:
CO2 radio frequency tube laser marking machine adopts air cooling or water cooling. it is selectable. 
CO2 glass tube laser marking machine adopts water cooling, which may not emit light or emit light intermittently when the working time is long or the water temperature is high. , Continuous work has a greater impact on product quality.
4. Spot size (beam):
CO2 radio frequency tube laser marking machine has a fine spot of 0.07mm, which is more than 3 times finer than a glass tube, high precision, small thermal diffusion area, and can engrave/cut very fine works;
CO2 glass tube laser marking machine has a 0.25mm thick spot, poor accuracy, unstable light output (uneven light intensity, sometimes no light), and large heat diffusion area, melting of the cutting edge, obvious blackening, and poor engraving accuracy.
5. Stability:
The radio frequency tube is a fully sealed metal tube, using a 30 volt low-voltage power supply, which directly avoids some of the disadvantages caused by the use of high-voltage power;
Because the domestic glass tube laser cutting machine uses 10,000 volt and even high voltage power supply. High voltage is not only unstable, but also has certain dangers. Working for a long time makes the power supply easy to age. And it has great interference to the control system, such as improper operation. Also it is easy to burn the main board, and it is more vulnerable to voltage which will affect and damage its normal function.
6. Price:
RF tubes are more expensive than glass tubes. For processing some products such as leather, only glass tubes can be fully qualified. Therefore, it is the last word to choose different marking machines according to your own needs.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine with RF40W RF60W 

CO2 Laser Marking Machine with RF40W RF60W 

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