The advantages of metal laser welding machine and solutions

Laser welding has many advantages compared with traditional welding methods, including:
1. Non-contact.It can reduce the stress on metal parts. Due to the precise and uniform pulse energy of the laser, the heat input is also very small.
2. Seam quality. It can produce extremely strong welds and can even achieve an airtight seal. Using shielding gas, our machine can control discoloration and eliminate secondary processing-to achieve a market-ready welding appearance.

advantages of metal laser welding machine and solutions
1.There are no fillers or consumables. It does not require filler metal like other methods, including TIG, MIG and ARC welding and brazing. In addition to shielding gas, you do not need nozzles, tips, electrodes, rods and other consumables.
2.Easy to automate. We integrate software-controlled automation into our welding machines-making parameter changes fast and predictable.
3.Flexibility. The machine we designed can adapt to many different part sizes and shapes, and the optical configuration takes into account the variation of the working distance. Thanks to our compact head design and fiber optic transmission, robot integration is also a simple process.
1. Thermal welding. For butt and lap joints, conduction welding is used to maintain molten metal pools under and behind the moving laser. The beam pattern and focal length affect the aspect ratio of the weld, but generally speaking, the conductive weld is wider and shallower than the keyhole weld.
2. Keyhole welding. The laser evaporates and melts the material. The plasma generated in front of the weld allows the laser to penetrate deeper. By precisely controlling the speed and energy of the laser, you can produce deep and narrow welds without pockets. Compared with conduction welding, laser keyhole welding requires a higher power density.
3. Laser spot welding. This method uses conductive welding or laser keyhole welding technology. Depending on the material type, thickness and solder joint size, you can use single-pulse, multi-pulse or perforated laser technology.

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