Manual operation and maintenance of handheld laser welding machine

1.If We must train handheld laser welding machine operators to understand the use of system lights and buttons, familiar with the most basic equipment knowledge.

2.Check the working line slot before work, the wire is not damaged and exposed.And it is can’t prohibit to place tools on the water cooler.

3.It is strictly forbidden to place liquid objects and flammable articles on the control cabinet.

The temperature of the operation room must not exceed 25 ℃ no leakage and leakage,and no leakage of air, water and electricity.

Maintenance of welding machine body.

1.Periodic testing.
2.Clean up the dust inside the welder regularly
3.Check the wiring of the electric power wiring regularly.
4.Replace defective parts during annual maintenance and inspection,and comprehensive repair work.

Such as outer casing and insulation deterioration,and regular Maintenance and inspection.

Regular Maintenance and inspection can reduce the occurrence of welding failure and extend the service life.

It can improve work efficiency,ensure the performance and safety of welding machine.

In fact, many customers said that the operation of welding machine is very simple.

That means when the basic work is ready, turn on the power and you can use it directly

How to operate the handheld Welding Machine?Do you understand?

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