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Comparison of advantages of different cleaning methods


Comparison item

Laser cleaning

Chemical cleaning

Mechanical polishing

Dry ice cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning

Cleaning method

Laser, non-contact

Chemical cleaning agent, contact type

Mechanical/sandpaper, contact type

Dry ice, non-contact type

Cleaning agent, contact type

Workpiece damage

no damage



no damage

no damage

Cleaning efficiency







No consumables

Chemical cleaning agent

Sandpaper, grinding wheel, whetstone, etc.

Dry ice

Special cleaning fluid

Cleaning effect

Very good, very clean

Fine but uneven

Fine but uneven

Excellent, uneven

Excellent, small clean area

Precision cleaning

Precise and controllable, high precision

Uncontrollable, poor accuracy

Uncontrollable, poor accuracy

Uncontrollable, poor accuracy

Cannot specify the range for cleaning

Safety/environmental protection

No pollution

Chemical pollution environment

polluted environment

No pollution

No pollution

Manual operation

Simple operation, hand-held or automated

The process flow is complex, requires high requirements for operators, and requires pollution protection measures

It is very labor intensive and laborious, and pollution prevention measures are needed

Simple operation, hand-held or automated

Simple operation, but need to manually add consumables

Cost input

High initial investment, no consumables, low maintenance cost

Low initial investment and extremely high cost of consumables

High initial investment, low labor cost of consumables

The first time investment is medium, the cost of consumables is high

Low initial investment, medium cost of consumables

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