How to ensure the safty of using fiber laser welding?

Nowadays, more and more people choose fiber laser machine to finish their work.Fiber laser welding is very easy to use and the cost of maintenance is also very low.

It just has a little quickly- wear parts.It is small, need not a very big area to place it.Besides these, fiber laser welding also has other convenience. So more and more people choose to change to use fiber laser welding instead of original welding.

There are some details about how to ensure the safty while using a fiber laser welding.

Firstly,the working system of fiber laser welding includes safety protection,and the laser will work only when the clip and the welding gun contact with metal at the same time,which can protect the safety of the operator.

Secondly,fiber laser welding need to adjust the light to the focus. When it adjust well,the welding effect will be the best and the safty of using it will be the highest.It can avoid the sparks caused by strong light of using the machine do harm to the operator. And it also can extand the life of the protective lens.

Thirdly,when you use your fiber laser welding , please wear high temperature gloves for double safe.

Fourthly, in order to protect your eyes, when you using your fiber laser welding please put on your goggles.

Last but not least, if you want to use the machine, please set an safe area at advance. The focal length of the welding head is about 150 mm, the range beyond 30 CM of the welding head is safe. So please set a safety warning line for the 30CM near the operating table.

Details above are the methods of how to ensure the safty during operating the fiber laser machine.

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