Handheld fiber laser welding machine safety

Now handheld fiber laser welding machine more and more popular.

Here the machine safety is very important for every user.

Firstly. Laser safety, operating safety announcement Pls consider the following when operation setup

1) Please correct install system by picture.

Do not damage power supply and tread, twist, pull the electric cable.

Cable damage can cause electric shock, short circuit, on fire.

2)When smells of burning, abnormal noise, abnormal heating, up in smoke and other abnormal phenomena, please turn off the power supply and stop operating, otherwise cause the electric shock, on fire and other risk.

3) In the feeding device should not foreign materials, especially the metal and conductive objects.

In order to prevent short circuit and other faults.

Do not use in a wet environment, Electric part contact with water may cause an electric shock or short circuit.

When not working, please do not turn on power.

Second.Installation and operation

1)Feeding structure setup, the first step is setting the handheld nozzle trave as 2a picture :

The second step is setting feeding mouth on the trave as 2b picture :

The third step is setting wire tray (Feeding – wire feeding – feeding mouth fix the connect– feeding mouth).

The fourth step is fix all of parts by 2c picture.

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