Features of Raycus pulse laser cleaning gun

Laser cleaning is a highly efficient, green cleaning technology, compared to chemical cleaning and mechanical cleaning has certain advantages, which does not require any chemical reagents, no grinding, no stress, no consumables, the substrate damage is small, high cleanliness advantages. The laser uses fiber optic transmission to guide the cleaning of hard-to-reach areas and has a wide range of applications, such as rust removal, paint removal, mud removal, wafer surface treatment, etc. The technology has been gradually applied in various fields.

Laser cleaning gun from Raycus are widely used in pulse laser cleaning machine. The following are its features:

1.Small size and light weight, convenient for manual and flexible use.
2.The front-end support frame can realize precise cleaning, and the whole cleaning work is done on the focal plane.
3.Easy to operate, power on, can be handheld or with the robot to achieve automated cleaning.
4.Laser cleaning line width and oscillating speed of the mirror can be adjusted by the button on the handheld gun. The laser cleaning gun head is made of aluminum profile, anti-vibration and high stability.

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