Cooling systems of laser welding machine

The cooling system is one of the important components of the laser welding machine. If the cooling system fails, the small one will cause the equipment to stop working, and in severe cases, the ingot may explode. This shows the importance of the cooling system of the laser welder.

At present, the cooling system of laser welding machine mainly includes water cooling, air cooling and water cooling. Among them, water cooling is widely used.
1. The chiller of the laser welding machine generally has a filter, which can effectively filter out the obvious particles in the water, keep the laser pump cavity clean, and prevent the possibility of water blocking.
2. The chiller uses pure water or deionized water, which is more conducive to the pump light source directly injecting the laser material, which can produce a better laser mode.
3. The chiller of the laser welder is generally equipped with a water pressure gauge, and you can know the water pressure in the laser waterway at a glance.
4. The chiller uses imported compressors, the water tank and pump are made of stainless steel, and the heat exchange coil is also made of stainless steel, so the stability of the chiller can be ensured, the cooling effect is very good, and the temperature accuracy control can reach 1 ℃ The temperature is small, and the laser is slightly affected by temperature, but we recommend setting the temperature to about 1 degree. . .
5. The chiller of the laser welding machine is generally 220V household power supply instead of 380V three-phase power supply, which is more conducive to the versatility of the equipment.
6. The chiller is equipped with flow protection. When the water flow is less than the set value, there will be a signal alarm, which can be used to protect the laser and related components from heat dissipation.
7. The chiller is equipped with temperature protection. If the temperature is not suitable, there will be a signal alarm.
8. There is also a water level alarm.
9. He chiller can realize a series of adjustment functions, such as temperature adjustment and temperature difference adjustment.

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