Application of Laser Welding Machine in Cell Phone Stainless Steel Nut

The main function of mobile phone nut is to connect plastic parts with metal parts, or to connect metal parts with metal parts to play a fastening role. The stainless steel nut of mobile phone is generally connected to the mobile phone stamping parts or other workpieces by means of rotary riveting and pressing riveting. But the rotary riveting method is very economical, the pressure riveting method is easy to produce the deformation and so on to other parts, and the laser welding machine has the advantages of high energy density, high welding efficiency, small heat effect and small deformation, and adopts the non-contact welding method, which is not affected by the size and morphology of the workpiece. It can realize long-distance and fast welding, which is very suitable for the nut welding of mobile phone.

The welding principle of mobile phone nut stud laser welding machine is to use laser high heat energy and concentrated fixed point welding technology, using laser deposition welding, surface heat is transmitted to the inside, by controlling the width and energy of laser pulse. Peak function and repetition rate make the workpiece melt and form a specific pool to achieve welding effect.

The stainless steel metal laser welding machine of JNCS laser adopts the method of no contact welding, the weld seam is flat and beautiful, the heat affected area is small, it will not cause deformation around the material, the welding speed is fast, and it is easy to realize automation.

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