Advantages of fiber laser cleaning machine

Advantages of fiber laser cleaning machine

At present, there are many cleaning methods in the cleaning industry. Include mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. However, their applications are greatly limit under the constraints of environmental protection and the requirements of the high-precision market. The fiber laser cleaning machine has obvious advantages in various industries.

1) Automated assembly line:

The laser cleaning machine can be integrated with CNC machine tools or robots. Therefore we can implement remote control and cleaning.  It can realize the automation of equipment, form a product assembly line operation, and intelligent operation.

 2) Accurate positioning:

The use of optical fiber to transmit and guide the laser to make it flexible. Then the built-in scanning galvanometer to control the high-speed movement of the light spot. Therefore, it is convenient for non-contacting of irregular parts, holes, grooves and other parts that are difficult to reach by traditional cleaning methods Ground laser cleaning treatment.

3) No damage:

Short-term impact will not heat the metal surface and cause no damage to the substrate. For different contaminants on different substrate surfaces. It can set laser parameters to selective clean the contaminants without damaging the substrate.

4) Good stability:

The pulse laser used in the laser cleaning machine has a long service life, usually up to 100,000 hours. What’s more, it comes with high stability and good reliability.

5) No environmental pollution:

Firstly, there’s no chemical cleaning agents required; Secondly, no generation of cleaning waste liquid; Thirdly, the pollutant particles and gas during the laser cleaning process can be collected and purified by the portable exhaust fan to avoid environmental pollution.

6) Low maintenance cost:

There is no consumables during the use of the laser cleaning machine. And the operating cost is low. Only the lenses need to be cleaned or replaced regularly in the later period. Therefore, the maintenance cost is low and close to maintenance-free.

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