About the laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning technology refers to the use of high-energy laser beam irradiation workpiece surface, so that the surface of contamination,  rust spot or coating evaporates or peels off instantly. And can be removed efficiently at high speed. The process of cleaning an object’s surface attachment or surface coating so as to achieve cleanliness. It is a new technology based on the effect of laser interaction with matter.

The structure of laser cleaning machine is very simple. He only has laser source, cleaning head, control system and water chiller (air chiller), auxiliary system.

There are laser source brands : IPG、Raycus and JPT. About the water chiller and air chiller, generally speaking, 100W machine with air chiller, 200W machine air chiller or water chiller. And 300W or 500W machines choose water chiller.  The auxiliary system of the laser cleaning machine includes a smoking machine and a transformer, of which the transformer is optional. Features of cleaning head: small volume, light weight, simple operation. And he is aluminum material, high shock stability.

The laser cleaning machine have many advantages. 

Firstly, non-contact cleaning does not damage the base material of the parts.

Secondly, precise cleaning, can realize precise position, precise size selective cleaning.

Thirdly, no need for any chemical cleaning liquid, no consumables, safe and environmental protection. 

Fourth, simple operation, power on, can be hand-held or with the manipulator to achieve automatic cleaning. And the cleaning efficiency is very high, saving time. Above all: one-time investment, economic and efficient.

There are also many industries for laser cleaning function. Such as paint removal, rust removal, mold cleaning and surface treatment, cultural relic protection field, microelectronics field: semiconductor components, microelectronics devices, memory template, etc.

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