Which Laser Marking Machine can be used tomark engraved Acrylic?

Organic glass, also known as acrylic, is widely used, not only in business, light industry, construction, chemical industry and other aspects. And organic glass production, in advertising decoration, sand table model is widely used, such as: signs, billboards, light box panel and Chinese and English letter panel.

Material selection depends on the shape design, what kind of shape, with what kind of plexiglass, color, variety should be repeatedly tested, so as to achieve the best effect. With good shape design, but also rely on careful processing and production, in order to become a beautiful artifact.

  1. Architectural applications: shop Windows, sound-proof doors and Windows, daylighting covers, telephone booths, etc
  2. Advertising applications: light boxes, signs, signs, display racks, etc.
  3. Transportation applications: trains, cars and other vehicle doors and Windows.
  4. Medical application: baby incubator, all kinds of surgical medical equipment, civilian supplies: bathroom facilities, crafts, cosmetics, supports, aquariums and so on.
  5. Industrial application: instrument surface plate and cover.
  6. Lighting application: fluorescent lamp, chandelier, street lampshade, etc.
  7. Household application: fruit bowl, tissue box, acrylic art painting and other household daily products.

So, in acrylic printing text, English and pattern pattern, with what kind of laser marking machine? The answer is a CO2 laser marking machine. 



       50W 300X300mm marking video

Mopa 30W 175X175mm color marking video

       50W 110X110mm cutting copper 

50w 110X110mm Cutting Silver


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