How To Maintain The Laser Power Supply Of Laser Cutting Machine?

Laser power supply is a component of power supply to laser engraving and cutting machine, no matter how good the performance, processing effect is good, are built on the basis of laser power supply can supply stable current, so for such an important part, its maintenance should be how to operate?

  1. Since we know the importance of laser power supply for laser engraving and cutting machine, stable voltage is the first point. For several steps of voltage regulation, it is necessary to inspect the transformer of laser power supply, observe whether the transformer is discoloration, whether the temperature is normal, and whether there is overheating phenomenon, which can reflect the stability of the output input. Therefore, the voltage stability of the laser power supply can be determined.
  2. Laser power supply is very important for laser engraving and cutting machine, its maintenance work, is the need for long-term maintenance work, so in terms of maintenance it needs to clean up the dust and dirt in the regulator every three months, and the chain transmission, oil, and system work detection, when the chain tightness phenomenon, immediately debugging, Prevent the appearance of stuck.
  3. After normal maintenance work, you also need to test the laser engraving and cutting machine laser power plug whether there is damage to the electrical box can be normal power supply, if damage, observe whether it can be repaired, repair method is to use the coil contact carbon brush powder, with a 0 fine abrasive skin for grinding.

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