How to clean Lens of Laser Marking Machine?

With the increasing use of laser marking machines, customers often have a lot of problems caused by improper operation, especially lens.

When using fiber laser marking machine, operators must not only prevent the lens from being damaged, but also clean the lens regularly to extend its service life.Here are several tips for cleaning lens.

Before cleaning the lens:

  1. Use tools to pick up lenses

2.Wear finger cots or rubber gloves when taking the lens.

3.The lens should be placed on the lens paper to avoid damage.

  1. Blow off the dust on the surface of the lens with a blower.

In this process, operators should pay attention to aviod using impure compressed air. It usually contains lots of oil and water, and is easy to form a harmful absorbent film.

When cleaning the lens:

1.It is better to choose ethanol or acetone to clean the lens.

2.Use professional lens tissue.Then holding the lens in one hand and taking the lens tissue in the other hand, gently rubbing it in the direction of the lens coating texture.

Although the lens is a consumable part, as long as we have a careful maintenance, we also can reduce its replacement.

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