Enterprise strength

1. Based on more than ten years’ experience in engraving machines, BCAM has gradually developed into a leader in the engraving machine industry. Our unique design and distinctive color matching have led the aesthetic trend of the engraving machine industry. We maintain a diversified product composition, and the patents of our invention are applied to key parts of each product to ensure the practicality, convenience and professionalism of the engraving machine. Together with our product excellence, we have the confidence to make our customers 100% satisfied, both in appearance and internal structure.

2. The country’s first dust-free vacuum system is inspired by the “Typhoon” cyclone. Our French engineer, Mr Ness, studied this technology for three years and finally developed it successfully which has been perfectly applied into our products, which is now a BCAM patent courtesy of our French engineer. After the improvement by Mike, our Design Director, it has been applied to our S, C, D and E series equipment. The beautiful design and excellent performance have won praise from many customers. More and more customers have seen the revolutionary vacuum design in the industry, and some of them traveled from far to purchase BCAM engraving machines.

3. The original active protection system,also known as the “anti-collision emergency stop switch”,has active protection for workers’ safety during the working process of the machine. At the same time, it has a system to automatically save the breakpoint, and after the alarm is manually released, the engraving machine can continue to work.