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Consure fiber laser marking machine features:

Jinan Consure fiber laser marking machine features:

  1. Wide processing scope
    Can process most metal or non-metal materials, even can pass though the transmitting object (such as the quartz, glass), and process the inner components.
  2. Safe and environmental
    The laser marking machine marks without any contact, so as to save many resources. Compare with the traditional mechanical printing, the laser marking machine processes materials with the non-mechanical "tool". It will generate no mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to the material, without “tool” erosion, so as to avoid heavy manual labor and reduce the noise pollution. In addition, it is non-poisonous, thus seldom causing environmental pollution.
  3. High processing precision
    The objects engraved by the laser marking machine have precise patterns. The minimum line width can be 0.04mm. It can be used to mark the identification as small as 0.3mm, with good stability, so that the consumption of the processing material is quite small.
  4. High structural efficiency
    The laser marking machine controls the high-speed movements of the laser beam through computer software (the speed can reach 5~7m/s). It has simple operation and the marking can be completed in several seconds. Through controlling the parameters of the computer, the laser marking machine can realize the regulation of different speeds. It can be used as a part of the flexible processing system to have flexible coordination with the high-speed production line. The laser marking machine almost makes no waste product in the printing process. The marks have good consistency.
  5. Long operation life
    The operation life of the fiber laser marking machine can reach 100,000 hours, with relatively small processing consumption and low comprehensive operating cost.
  6. The laser marking machine has a relatively high fabrication cost
    As to the enterprises with not high requirements, mechanical printing or pneumatic printing can be selected. It is usually difficult to recover the faults of the fiber laser device.

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