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Fiber Laser Marking System Composition

Fiber Laser Marking System Composition

  1. Laser power supply
    The power supply of the fiber laser marking machine is the device providing power to the fiber laser. Its input voltage is AC220V and it is installed in the controlling box of the marking machine.
  2. Fiber laser
    It employs the interface impulse type fiber laser. Its output laser has good model and long life. It is designed and installed in the shell of the marking machine. Figure 2: The galvanometer scanning-type marking principle
  3. the galvanometer scanning-type marking principleGalvanometer scanning system
    The fiber laser marking machine marks in galvanometer scanning type, which is to inject the laser beam onto two reflecting mirrors, with computer controlling the scanning motor, so as to drive the reflecting mirrors to revolve along the X, Y axles respectively. The concentration system will focus the parallel beam on one point. f-θ optical lens is also employed here. When the laser beam concentrates and then falls onto the work piece, the trace of being marked by the laser has been formed. Its working principle is displayed as the figure 2.
  4. Modulation of laser output
    It is a kind of device to form the laser pulse through opening and blocking the light paths alternatively on the optical feedback patch. It is made of the material, which is transparent to the laser beam (such as crystal and so on). There is a piezoelectric acoustics transducer bonded at its side. The transducer is added with a radio-frequency signal, which is adjusted to be 1-50 kHz. When there is no electrical signal, the light beam will be able to go through the acousto-optic Q switch and then go back to the crystal through the acousto-optic Q switch after being reflected by the reflecting mirror. Q switch will have no effect. When there is signal adding to the transducer, the transducer will generate sound wave. The sound wave will act on the crystal and press on it. Then the refractive index will also change. The laser will be reflected to deviate the back reflecting mirror in crossing the Q switch. Because the light feedback reflected by the laser disappears, the process of generating laser is also interrupted (as indicated in figure 3).
    the working principle of the acousto-optic Q switch
    Figure 3: The working principle of the acousto-optic Q switch
  5. Computer controlling system
    The computer controlling system controls the entire laser marking machine. Through the coordination control of the acousto-optic modulation system and galvanometer scanning system, the marking process of the working piece will be completed. It mainly includes: computer case, main board, CPU, rigid disk, memory bank, D/A card, floppy driver, displayer, key board, mouse and so on.

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