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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Operate Skills
First, how to use the least material as possible without increasing the laser cutter working hours.
The best way is to use automatic shape nesting function to identify any parts of the real shape of the individual, in the size of the material has been fixed on the possible arrangements of these parts, this is the case, the high expense can immediately save a lot of material.
Plate cutting industry, as in the universal application of JETCAM Expert CAD / CAM system is used identify the parts graphical approach to define the edge parts, and then use any automatic nesting features, some small parts or irregular parts automatically fill in some regions, to save material.
Second, the laser cutting is not how to deal with customers with the ideal CAD file
DWG, DXF or IGES files from a CAD system to switch out, often found in small gap exists in the cross-lines and arcs in the garden, very small and even can not be observed with the naked eye, or a lot of heavy line, and it is difficult to make people found. And these for nesting is a very troublesome subject, nesting is needed is a continuous closed geometry to automatically identify the internal and external contours. At this point, in that title, JETCAM software will automatically "clean up" these files, which other people are not happy to move the line, not only without error gap, but also called "curve - chamfer" function, a significant reduction in the number of short-term, to produce a relatively short process, to reduce the workload of the machine cutting, to get good processing results.
Third, how to reduce the cutting machine programming engineers experience occurred during the subject of mixed

JETCAM proposed a laser cutting machine "fool" the concept of software, system engineering data stored in all the systems in SEKT (Stored Engineering Knowledge Technology Knowledge Engineering acronym), so even if the lack of processing plants experienced engineers, process engineers are not familiar with these processes can be called directly, thus ensuring the output of the program is the best.

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